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Informatics, evidence based medicine, health information technology, decision support, Indiana PROSPECT


Introduction: Health care systems in the United States are transitioning from volume-based purchasing models to value-based purchasing models that demand both delivery of personalized care for each patient and cost-effective population health management. The enhanced medical record for aging brain care (eMR-ABC) software is an electronic decision support system that facilitates the management of a high-risk population suffering from aging brain disorders such as dementia.

Methods: Using the lenses of the Complex Adaptive System and the Reflective Adaptive Process, we assembled an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, health services researchers, and software developers who designed, implemented, evaluated, and continuously modified the eMR-ABC to meet the needs of care coordinators who manage the health of a targeted high-risk population.

Results: The eMR-ABC captures and monitors the cognitive, functional, behavioral, and psychological symptoms of a registry of patients suffering from dementia or depression as well as the burden of patients’ family caregivers. It provides decision support to care coordinators to create a personalized care plan that includes evidence-based nonpharmacological protocols, self-management handouts, and alerts of medications with potentially adverse cognitive effects. The software’s built-in engine tracks patient visits and on-demand functionality to generate population reports for specified indicators.

Discussion: Population health programs depend on data collection and information systems with the ability to provide valuable and timely feedback on an ongoing basis. Following these guidelines, the eMR-ABC was designed specifically to meet the management needs of a high-risk population./

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