Volume 2, Issue 4 (2014) Addressing Data Needs for Public Health: eGEMs and Frontiers in PHSSR Joint Issue

A Message from the Editors

Current public health threats, such as measles and antimicrobial resistant infections, increase scrutiny of the nation’s public health system. But emerging threats aren’t the only pressures. To bring down health care costs, promote health equity, and shift to a culture where health is priority, evidence is needed to understand the most effective strategies for the nation’s public health system.

This collection of papers, published jointly in eGEMs and Frontiers in PHSSR, share perspectives on ways to better align our systems to identify emerging threats, as well as develop public health interventions that promote health and wellness. This joint issue highlights opportunities for greater collaboration between systems to generate better data for better health.

In the special issue, authors from diverse backgrounds, including public health practitioners, safety net providers and researchers, look at the data and methods needed to advance population health. Critical issues addressed in the papers include a look at the infrastructure required to understand public health financing and organization, the use of health information technology to achieve these goals, and the need for new approaches and partners to improve measurement strategies for assessing population health. Collectively, the papers set an agenda for public health services and systems research using diverse sources of data.

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Linking Costs to Health Outcomes for Allocating Scarce Public Health Resources
Phaedra Corso, Justin B. Ingles, Nathaniel Taylor, and Samir Desai
Dec 2014, Vol. 2, Iss. 4


The Future of Public Health Informatics: Alternative Scenarios and Recommended Strategies
Margo Edmunds, Lorna Thorpe, Martin Sepulveda, Clem Bezold, and David A. Ross
Dec 2014, Vol. 2, Iss. 4


Developing New Systems of Data to Advance a Culture of Health
Alonzo L. Plough
Apr 2015, Vol. 2, Iss. 4


Dr. Glen Mays
Glen Mays, PhD, MPH
F. Douglas Scutchfield Endowed Professor in Health Services and Systems Research
Department of Health Management and Policy
University of Kentucky College of Public Health

Dr. Erin Holve
Erin Holve, PhD, MPH, MPP
Senior Director
Research and Education in Health Services Research