Project Title

New Mexico Race and Ethnicity Data Project (NMREDP)

Publication Date



The New Mexico Department of Health is improving the quality of race and ethnicity data in hospital discharge by revising the New Mexico administrative code to mandate race, ethnicity, and tribal identifier data reporting. The change is supported by redeveloped hospital procedures, training and compliance plans, patient education, and data collection, and by implementing verification and tracking mechanisms such as post-discharge surveys and electronic linkage of hospital records with death certificates and Indian Health Service records. In addition, the project is collecting tribal identifier data and has established methods and procedures for tribal identifiers as a model for other states.

EHR/EMR System or Vendor

Because this grant encompasses all New Mexico facilities, a variety of EHR/EMR systems are being used.

Healthcare Settings

Inpatient facilities

Data Types

Electronic Health/Medical Records (EHR or EMR), Diagnostic data

Geographic scope type


Locations of Focus

All non-federal New Mexico facilities, both specialty and general

Population Network Size

Approximately 200,000 hospitalizations occur annually in non-federal New Mexico facilities

Informatics Platform/Tools


Major Partners

New Mexico Hospital Association, Health Insight NM, Health Care Utilization Project

CER/PCOR Study Priority Populations

Minority groups

Outcome(s) of Interest

The key outcome of interest is the quality and completeness of patient race, ethnicity and tribal affiliation data.

Acknowledgement of Funders

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality