EDM Forum meetings provide the opportunity to engage in dialogue about important topics that are generalizable to efforts around CER, PCOR, and data consortia. The meetings also provide an opportunity for the research teams involved in the Forum to update the community of stakeholders about their work. Browse past meetings below to access agendas, speakers, and other related content.


AcademyHealth's new meeting, Concordium, showcases innovation and leading ideas; provides an opportunity to share emerging science and applications; and promote collaboration to improve health.

Building on the success of Concordium 2015, this year’s conference will bring together individuals and organizations working with health data to integrate evidence, practice, and policy in the delivery system setting. With discussion-based, innovative session formats, the conference is designed to be a transdisciplinary convergence of individuals designing and executing strategies for delivery system transformation.

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Browse the contents of Meetings & Symposia:

Concordium 2015: Data and Knowledge Transforming Health
Concordium 2015 brought together individuals and organizations working with big health data to integrate evidence, practice, and policy in the delivery system setting.
June 2014: Stakeholder Symposium (San Diego, CA)
The 2014 Symposium featured scientific experts, delivery system and policy leaders, and innovators who are building learning health systems of the future.
June 2013: Stakeholder Symposium (Baltimore, MD)
Presentations focused on progress-to-date for building learning health systems to improve patient outcomes, as well as challenges and future research priorities for comparative effectiveness research (CER), patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR), and quality improvement (QI).
June 2012: Building an Electronic Clinical Data Infrastructure to Improve Patient Outcomes (Lake Buena Vista, FL)
Presentations focused on innovative approaches to using electronic clinical data for comparative effectiveness research (CER), patient centered outcomes research (PCOR), and quality improvement (QI).
March 2012: Collection and Use of Patient-Reported Outcomes for CER (Washington, DC)
Presentations discussed the collection and use of patient-reported outcomes (PRO) for comparative effectiveness research (CER) and patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR).
October 2011: Methods Symposium (Arlington, VA)
Participants shared their challenges and innovations and discussed the application of cutting-edge analytic approaches for comparative effectiveness research (CER) using electronic clinical data (ECD).
April 2011: Stakeholder Symposium (Washington,DC)
The first annual EDM Forum Stakeholder Symposium updated the community on the work of the EDM Forum, provided stakeholders the opportunity to share innovative ideas and provide input, and encouraged participants to engage with the EDM Forum online and as part of future activities.