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The Electronic Data Methods (EDM) Forumis a three-year grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to facilitate learning and foster collaboration across a set of comparative effectiveness research (CER) projects designed to build infrastructure and methods for collecting and analyzing prospective electronic clinical data.

The use of electronic clinical data (e.g. electronic health records (EHRs) for HSR holds tremendous potential to advance the science of CER. This session will provide an introduction to the EDM Forum and highlight a set of 11 research activities focused on harnessing the potential of electronic data systems to advance the science of CER and patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) as well as improve the quality of clinical care and enhance clinical decision support. Updates on four grant programs will be provided, including: 1) the Prospective Outcome Systems using Patient-specific Electronic data to Compare Tests and therapies (PROSPECT) studies; 2) the Enhanced Registries for Quality Improvement and CER; 3) the Scalable Distributed Research Networks for CER; and 4) the EDM Forum.

Panelists will discuss the important scientific, organizational, clinical, technical, and data governance challenges related to implementing CER and PCOR with prospective data from electronic clinical databases. They will also address ways in which collaboration among the 12 projects will further the objective of developing a learning health care system.

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Course Level: 101 (Introductory)

Faculty: Ned Calonge, The Colorado Trust; Gurvaneet Randhawa, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; Beth Devine, University of Washington; John Steiner, Kaiser Permanente Colorado; Adam Wilcox, Columbia University; Erin Holve, AcademyHealth

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