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Without the opportunity to conduct randomized clinical trials, learning healthcare systems employ a spectrum of observational research methods to identify innovations that improve healthcare delivery and outcomes. In particular, information from patient care can be used to develop new knowledge about clinical practice. But although this approach can provide an important perspective on “real world” circumstances that affect patient care, interpreting these data raises a different set of challenges from those seen in traditional clinical trials. This webinar will use data from the ImproveCareNow collaborative to demonstrate innovative methods and data preparation techniques used to study the comparative effectiveness of treatments for pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify data preparation techniques for existing patient care data
  • Understand how clinical trial simulation methods can be used to assess comparative efficacy using existing patient care data

Course Level: 201 (Intermediate)

Faculty: Mike Stoto, PhD, Professor, Department of Health Systems Administration, Georgetown University; Charles Bailey, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania, Attending Physician, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Note: Due to technical difficulties during the webinar, a small portion of the audio is missing. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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